CoreLink Resource App - Zavation

CoreLink’s FREE Resource App

To Use the Platform, You Must Download ACTO Omnichannel

If you are interested in using CoreLink’s resource app, you will need to download ACTO Omnichannel onto your mobile device. Once signed in, you will find product sell sheets, surgical technique guides, IFUs, product photos, and more.



  1. Download ACTO Omnichannel from the Apple or Google Play store. Note: This is NOT the same as ACTO. Make sure you are downloading ACTO Omnichannel.
  2. Open the app and click to login with email. Enter CoreLink as the company domain. Next, use the email address provided below to login.
    • Email / Username:
    • Password: Distributor2072
    • Note: This is a shared login. You will not use your personal email address or passwordPlease do not reset the password.
  3. You’re in! Utilize the Search bar to find what you’re looking for fast, or navigate through the folders in the Resources tab.



Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.