Zavation releases In-Vitro and In-Vivo Research Summary for its novel "LABYRINTH™" - Zavation

JACKSON, Miss.Aug. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Zavation Medical Products (“Zavation” or the “Company”), an innovative designer and manufacturer of spinal implants, instruments, MIS procedural kits, and biologics headquartered in Flowood, MS, announced the results of its novel LABYRINTH™ technology in an In-Vitro and In-Vivo research project.

Please click the link below for Zavation’s LABYRINTH™ In-Vitro and In-Vivo Research Study:

Zavation releases In-Vitro and In-Vivo Research Summary for its novel LABYRINTH™.

Labyrinth™ In-Vitro and In-Vivo Research Study

LABYRINTH™, features the first available porous endplates integrated through the full cage, setting the new gold standard for interbody cages. In creating the first fully porous PEEK interbody, Zavation has enhanced the benefits of PEEK (reduced stress shielding and artifact-free imaging) with substantially improved wettability and surface tension. In a 21 day in-vitro study, the interbody’s proprietary and patent pending porous structure demonstrated greater pre-osteoblast cell maturation into viable bone cells than standard PEEK, porous titanium, and standard titanium.The Labyrinth™ technology possessed higher fusion and quality of fusion grades at 12- and 26-weeks post-op when compared to solid PEEK and proved to obtain new bone formation throughout porous structure.2

Sonny Gill, M.D. stated, “The Zavation Labyrinth cervical interbody allows bony ingrowth THROUGH the interbody instead of only the central window while also incorporating the peripheral structure of the cage.  This unique ability adds to the fusion surface area instead of only a spot weld or a bony ongrowth at the bone/interbody margin.  The enhanced fusion capability has the potential for reducing nonunions in multiple cervical applications.”

Zavation’s market share and active surgeon base continues to rapidly grow given the Company’s ability to adapt to surgeon/patient needs, consistently upgrade and customize its instruments, and engineer devices with incomparable simplicity, precision, and disruptive technology. The LABYRINTH™ is just another example of Zavation’s sustained investment in research and development furthering its full line of titanium and PEEK static and expanding interbody technologies.

“The LABYRINTH™ demonstrates our commitment to resetting market standards by creating best-in-class products. As a first-to-market product, this fully porous cage highlights our dedication to R&D and the strength of our product development team,” said Jeffrey Johnson, Chief Executive Officer. “With fusion of critical importance, our mission in designing the LABYRINTH™ was to outperform all materials in fusion, which broadens surgeon appeal. Zavation, with our market leading customer service, has become a house for innovation centered on the needs of our surgeons and distributors.”

Based in Flowood, MS, Zavation designs, engineers, and manufactures a portfolio of spinal hardware and biologics covering key areas including cervical, thoracolumbar, interbody fusion, interventional spine, and minimally invasive surgery. Founded in 2012, Zavation has experienced exceptional growth and created a national network of numerous distributors across the United States. The Company has commercialized over 25 product families since inception. Zavation operates a newly constructed 75,000 square foot vertically integrated facility in Flowood, MS. To learn more information about Zavation and the Company’s suite of products, visit

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